5 Spring Activities


Goodbye Winter and Hello Spring! With the weather starting to heat up and the snow melting humans aren’t the only ones who get excited about this. As you put away all of your winter clothing and prepare for the warmer months it’s important to remember that dogs are just as excited about the season change. With the days becoming longer this means that there is more time for them to play outside and enjoy the outdoors. Take a look below for 5 fun outdoor activities you can do with your pooch this spring!


Go for a walk- The more days that pass during the spring the warmer the weather will continue to get. After spending 4 months inside your dog is going to be itching to stretch their legs. Just a 10-minute walk around the neighborhood will not only be good for their health but for yours as well. Be adventurous and find new paths to take to keep you and your dog entertained.



Ride a bike - If you decide to take your bike out for a spin don’t be afraid to take your dog with you! If you trust them they can run right alongside you. If not, many pet stores sell bike leashes specifically made with your dog in mind. It will not only keep them safe but you as well.




Go swimming - Many dogs breeds love spending time in the water. Taking them out for a swim is perfect for a hot spring day. You can take them to the beach, to a river, or lake. Your dog is bound to enjoy splashing around with you no matter the type of water you find!




Practice catching and fetching - Stop by the local pet store and grab some tennis balls and frisbee. You can take them to a park where they can run around practicing retrieving and fetching. You can work on their coordination skills, and even find hills for awesome frisbee tosses.




Pup Play Date -  Reach out to your friends and their pups and get together! Your dog will love interacting with others and will enjoy playing. Take them to the dog park and let them run around and interact with others.