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Being three active gals with six VERY active dogs, things get messy sometimes. And by sometimes, I mean all the time! Between the three of us, we are bathing our pups a LOT more than that average dog mom. When it comes to picking out the perfect shampoo for our fur babies, things can get really overwhelming. What brand, what kind, what smell. Are the ingredients up to par with our standards? What does the company stand for? There is so much to think about when it comes to picking one out! But guess what? We found a keeper! Petology surpasses all of their competitors and we’ll tell you why.

Why we love Petology!

Back in the day, I had a Shar Pei that had LOTS of skin issues. The only thing that gave her relief and VASTLY improved her skin and coat was Petology’s Oatmeal and Honey Shampoo and Conditioner. So when Gunner started having skin issues, I didn’t blink twice when deciding on what to use. Although their speciality is for discomforted dogs with skin and coat issues, their products are amazing for dogs with a normal skin and coat! And Petology’s vision is clear… To produce custom grooming products GUARANTEED to improve the quality of all dogs’ lives. They deserve it, right?!

What’s in a name?

Why did they name their company Petology (the study of our furry companions)? Because each employee’s background is in science! They’re scientists that know the power of natural ingredients and have done extensive research, all for the love of pets! They didn’t just concoct something that smells good for the sake of it smelling good. They studied our pets, from their genetic makeup to their skin and coat, to come up with the greatest product for animals! Their passion for pets was the driving force to formulate grooming products that were superior from their competitors. And boy did they create something remarkable.

What’s the big deal?

Petology formulas contain patented compounds that combine the best of science and nature to repair and restore the condition of our pups’ skin and coat. They are made with natural, plant-derived ingredients that are scientifically proven to improve the natural beauty of our fur baby’s skin, coat, and overall health and wellness. The shampoos and conditioners are concentrated so you only use a little bit to get a lot of lather! That’s more bang for your buck, fellow dog moms! And it’s super easy to rinse off so the whole bath experience is better for pawrent AND pooch.


The experience.

Did I mention that the haunting aroma lasts for a few days?! Seriously, I want to cuddle up next to Abbie and Gunner more than ever during those first few days after bathing them! They smell heavenly.

But the real test was Gunner’s skin and coat. He was losing hair, scars weren’t fading, his skin was flaking, and he just wasn’t looking good anymore. This started happening in June of 2017. I tried supplements, a new diet, other (very expensive) shampoos and conditioners, meds from the vet… NOTHING WAS WORKING! So when we started using Petology in December, I knew I had to keep track of his progress. And guess what? PICTURES DON’T LIE! Look at how amazing he’s looking. He’s had 3 baths between these photos and I know that he’ll continue to improve! I can’t wait for y’all to see the changes via social media when we post!!!

The testing.

Petology scientists tested 10 of the current leading dog shampoos on the market. Can you guess what their findings consisted of?! Watered down versions of human body wash and shampoo! It’s abundantly clear that these companies do NOT have our pups in mind!!! Just their wallets. How frustrating! In fact, they found the ingredients listed on the shampoos’ packaging were not accurate and extremely misleading. As a personal care formulation scientist and an ingredient supplier to the largest hair care companies in the world, they found these products totally unacceptable. And we’re right there with them!

As a biology major myself, it makes sense that dogs SHOULD NOT use human shampoo. Their pH level is way different from ours! For a product to be gentle on a dog’s skin, it needs shampoo that is pH specific. Petology’s line of products fulfills the pH needs of all breeds because they use the best natural ingredients for all doggos.

Their ingredients:

  • Are sulfate-free and all-natural
  • Provide deep hydration for 72 hours for less irritation and flakiness
  • Strengthen the skin
  • Soften the coat
  • Enhance shine and reduce greasiness
  • Moisturize malnourished skin
  • Help stimulate cell growth
  • Make it easy to comb your pet...wet or dry
  • Feature long-lasting fragrances


What do veterinarians think?

Veterinarians strongly agree that dogs’ skin disorders are at an all time high and are becoming one of the primary reasons for patient visits. Their research findings concluded that the “current dog shampoos were actually capable of creating further skin-related issues”. They most certainly did not offer remedies to improve overall skin and coat health.

As a call to action to better the skin health of all dogs, Petology’s existence is based on a commitment to assure our dogs the comfort, health, and natural beauty they so deserve!

“We could simply say we make the safest, healthiest, most effective dog grooming products on the market today, but to us it's much more than that. Our core philosophy is that we must protect what we love!”

And we love our dogs just as much.

Why we love it!

The price, the quality, the customer service, the guarantee, the results.

Chelsea: We basically love Petology for every reason possible. Let’s start with the price. SUPER affordable for what you’re getting! They truly have our interest at heart, unlike competitors who only care about their pocket books. The quality is superior to any other brand we’ve used. Seriously… COMPARE IT TO WHAT YOU’RE CURRENTLY USING! The customer service was absolutely stellar!! If we could give them 5 stars, we’d actually give them 6! Super friendly, extremely knowledgeable, and so down to earth. I don’t work for Petology, but I believe in them so much, I’d guarantee maximum results for your pooch based on my own! I’ve seen their products work in the past, and I’m actively watching them work for Gunner right now. Petology has me as a lifetime customer!


Petology has been a life safer for Pharrell, Rosie and Rumba. Living in New York City, we take a lot of baths. Those streets are dirty y’all! So having to wash them once a week, sometimes even twice, I want to make sure that what I am using is good for their skin and not drying them out or making their hair corse. Petology has been so amazing for both their skin and fur. I also love being able to use the waterless shampoos in between baths to keep them smelling fresh!


For Drake, bath time is not the best time. I’m not sure why exactly, but Drake and water equal chaos. He is kind of a diva (but that’s okay). Nonetheless, when I use Petology I know that the struggle is worth it. I am very aware of the ingredients in all products I use on Drake and I feel secure knowing that everything created from Petology was made from a natural source with the love of dogs at the core. For me it matters WHO is making it and what their intent is. With Petology, I know that the ultimate well-being of health is the backbone of their company.

Just as we humans want/need sulfate-free shampoo, our dogs are no different. In fact, all of the things you love about your personal shampoo (super shine, frizz ease, dandruff remover, etc.) are qualities your dogs’ coat needs, maybe even more so! Since a bath time for your pooch means at least 30 minutes, not including the set up and clean up process, wet clothes on your account and- where Drake is concerned, treats out the wazoo... make it count! Petology has designed the perfect cleaning products adhering to all of your dog's fur and skin needs so next bath time, make the mess worth it. Use Petology!

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