Top Pet Names of 2018


Top Pet Names & Pet-Naming Trends for 2018

Deciding to get a pet is a big deal. It’s a life-altering decision in that you’re essentially expanding your family. And since your pet is part of your family, you really want to make sure that you spend the time finding the perfect name for your furry friend. Although it takes some serious time and forethought to make sure you have the right fit of name, it should also be a fun and lighthearted process.

As humans, we’re aware that there’s so much wrapped up in our names. Names speak to our history, our lineage, our culture, our beliefs, and our character, and so it makes sense that the same holds true for our pets. The bottom line is, a name carries weight and we want to make sure you got the scoop on not only the current pet-naming trends, but also the trending pet names themselves.


One of the Family

Since a pet is thought of as a member of the family, it makes sense that one of the trends in pet-naming is to give pets more traditional human names. It seems that dog names like Fido and Rover are definitely a thing of the past. According to the research, people are emotionally connected to their pets in ways the previous generations weren’t and as a result, they are naming their pets (dogs and cats alike) just like they’d name a baby—which seems to make sense since people are postponing starting families until later in life. Getting a puppy or a kitten is often seen as a trial (or substitute) for parenting. As you think of a name, think about making your pet more like part of the family with a human name.

Top Pet Names of 2018

Connected to Pop Culture

In this connected world where we can literally watch a screen anyplace, anywhere, and anytime, it’s no wonder that one of the pet-naming trends is to name your pet after your favorite character on the screen. This goes for both the real-world where people are naming pets after a sports player, a YouTube influencer, a gaming legend, a musician, a singer, a show host, or an actor and make-believe world where people are naming pets after characters from movies, shows, series, video games, and books. According to, 53 percent of dog owners named their canine after a celebrity or a character from a movie, TV, or book. For example, after Netflix’s Stranger Things came out, names like Millie, Barb, Eleven, and Dart rose in popularity (case in point: we have a fish named Dart). If you want to bring the connection to a character from screen or big stage into your home, think about by naming a pet after them.

Women with Strength

As 2018 has been named ‘The Year of the Woman,’ that theme also seems to be crossing over into pet-naming. It’s not that there are more female pets, but it’s that pet owners are choosing female names inspired by powerful women, both fictional and real-life figures. For example, after the blockbuster Wonder Woman came out, Wonder Woman-themed names rose 45 percent. So if you have a female pet to name, consider naming her after a strong and powerful woman figure who has some courage and grit.

Below you’ll find the top pet names for 2018 according to


  • 1. Bella
  • 2. Daisy
  • 3. Molly
  • 4. Lucy
  • 5. Sadie
  • 6. Maggie
  • 7. Bailey
  • 8. Chloe
  • 9. Sophie
  • 10. Lola
  • 11. Lily
  • 12. Roxy
  • 13. Zoe
  • 14. Ginger
  • 15. Ruby


  • 1. Max
  • 2. Charlie
  • 3. Jack
  • 4. Buddy
  • 5. Jake
  • 6. Tucker
  • 7. Duke
  • 8. Toby
  • 9. Bear
  • 10. Oscar
  • 11. Cooper
  • 12. Shadow
  • 13. Rocky
  • 14. Oliver
  • 15. Riley

* To see the list of the top 50 dog names, check out:

We didn’t want to leave you cat-owners out, you are, of course, 38% of Americans! So here’s the top 15 names for cats for 2018. Notice the similarities and the fact that the number one names for both dogs and cats are same across the boards!


  • 1. Bella
  • 2. Lucy
  • 3. Chloe
  • 4. Lily
  • 5. Molly
  • 6. Kitty
  • 7. Luna
  • 8. Sophie
  • 9. Lola
  • 10. Misty
  • 11. Abby
  • 12. Daisy
  • 13. Lilly
  • 14. Sasha
  • 15. Nala


  • 1. Max
  • 2. Tigger
  • 3. Oliver
  • 4. Jack
  • 5. Tiger
  • 6. Jasper
  • 7. Oscar
  • 8. Charlie
  • 9. Leo
  • 10. Toby
  • 11. Oreo
  • 12. Buddy
  • 13. Simon
  • 14. Smokey
  • 15. Milo

* To see the list of the top 50 cat names, check out:

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