NaturShine® all natural complex replenishes shine and conditions

  • Vitacon-vitamin complex
  • Plant Moisturizing Complex
  • Veterinary Approved

Everyone in your family deserves to feel and look their best, including your pets. And while we have lots of healthy hair and skin care products to choose from, our pets don’t. Introducing Petology Hydration-Coconut Water Pet Shampoo, and Hydration-Coconut Water Leave-in Conditioning Spray, a system that works together to give your dog the healthiest skin and best looking coat possible! A rich blend of coconut water and coconut oil, the ultra-gentle shampoo is sulfate free and loaded with vitamins. Follow it up with the leave-in conditioning spray to continue moisturizing your pet’s skin and coat. Use in between washes to make brushing a breeze! The shampoo is twice as concentrated as other pet shampoos and has a tropical fragrance that deodorizes for days! Plus, our patent-pending Nature Shine Complex and plant based, long lasting moisturizer means less shedding, and it’s rich lather rinses off quick, making bath time easy, giving Pup and Parent more time to. . . play! Petology Hydration-Coconut Water Pet Shampoo and Leave-in Conditioning Spray. Veterinary Approved and Groomer Recommended! Petology – Science and nature working together to provide a better quality of life for your pet. 

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