Customer Testimonials

 "So I received a sample of the Petology shampoos and leave in conditioner for my several dogs. One of my dogs( my 8yo golden retriever) had hot spots come up in the last 3 months. She had spot that was red hot ,balding, and really uncomfortable. I bathed her with oatmeal and honey shampoo now twice and brushing her daily using the Petology oatmeal and honey leave in conditioner as recommended by Rick; I swear it was a miracle, no joke. Her hair started to grow back and she wasn’t sensitive to the touch in that area. All of the dogs, which include a 3 1/2 huskies ,smell amazing for days after a baths.(which is not a norm with huskies in Florida, just saying)Do I recommend these products? 100% yes!!!!! It really is amazing. Thank you @petology."

— Patty Ares Crowley




"I received the shampoo and conditioner last week and have used it on my PSD K-9 Pax. I absolutely love it. I have received several complements on his coat and clean smell. I will definitely switch to this product for my currant working dog and my retired dog. I am recommending this product to other members of our K-9 training group."
— Ofc. Ruben Ramirez #320, Centralia Police Department, K-9 Unit/Pax


“Thanks Petology for generously providing your high-quality shampoos and conditioners for our kennel staff and puppy-raisers. The shampoo is nice and thick and lathers up really well. It rinses clean, leaving our dogs’ coats smooth and shiny after their baths. And they smell great! Our service dogs-in-training have never looked better, so thanks again for helping us keep our future service dogs clean, comfortable and healthy so they’ll be in tip-top shape when it’s time to be paired with their new battle-buddies.”
Tim Crosby, Strategic Partnerships Manager K9s For Warriors


"The best shampoo and conditioners we have used. The dogs look and feel great after their baths. Even our own hands stay soft and comfortable after washing numerous dogs. This is a much needed product that has been created especially for adult dogs and puppies after considerable testing and trials."
Martin Deeley is an internationally recognized dog trainer, writer, and commentator


“I have two Shih Tzu's & love the Shea Butter Moisturizing Spray in between baths. Their coats feel so soft & moisturized after using the spray. I simply spray & brush.”
- Terri S.