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As part of our partnership with Groomer's Choice, Petology® is offering customers an exclusive 20% discount on any of our grooming products. To get your discount, simply add your choice of Oatmeal Honey, Coconut Water, Keratin, Shea Butter, Sensitive, or Vibrant Whitening to the cart and use the promo code at checkout. Click on the logo below to download your 20% off promo code. Offer valid thru 9/30/2019

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"These are wonderful products! I am using the Oatmeal shampoo on our 13 year old Schnauzer named Benjamin. His coat looks so shiny and clean. Thank you Petology!!"

- Nanette Rosevear Long
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"Fabulous products that you can use on any breed! We have 3 dogs and all of them use these products! With the special needs of a Maltese breed, poodle mix, and a lab we are very satisfied and pleasantly shocked by our results!!!!"

- Jennifer Windfelder Schwartz
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Use the promo at checkout to get 20% off any Petology® grooming product online. Offer valid thru 9/30/2019