"I have been using the Petology line of products for probably about 7 years. I absolutely love all of their products. I've never used shampoos and conditioners that rinse so clean and leave a dog's coat so shiny and soft.

Over the years I have recommended it to most of my clients instead of the actual prescription type shampoos that I carry in my clinic because I find that there's such a variety of products that there's usually one that you can use for just about any kind of skin condition. The sensitive skin formula is awesome for the white-haired, pink skin dogs that no matter what you use on them it always seems to irritate their skin.

My dog's personally get bathed in the oatmeal and honey shampoo just about every week. I've been doing this with them for years and my 12 year old Rottweiler's coat looks like a two year old's and my Mastiff's short, slick, coat shines like copper!

The Petology line of products is the only one I will use to do any bathing and grooming in my clinic and the only products I'll use on my own animal! Everyone should use them!"

Dr. Kim Castro, Animal Clinic of Edgewater

"In my 25 plus years of private veterinary practice, I have seen very few over the counter products which I am confident in recommending to my clientele. Petology products are at the top of that list. Their Oatmeal and Honey Shampoo is very effective in providing relief for animals undergoing treatment for allergic dermatitis. It also greatly reduces the incidence of dry flakey dander often associated with our patients that spend days outdoors and nights indoors. At our boarding and grooming facility it is the staffs shampoo of choice for daily use. Our clients are extremely impressed with the pleasant fragrance and lustrous appearance for their pets coats with Petology products."

Dr. Jeffrey J. Ehrenfried, DVM, Oahe Veterinary Clinic P.A.

"My German Short Hair Pointer had severely dry, flakey skin due to an allergic dermatitis. After appropriate medical treatment, I'd been bathing him and applying ointment for some time without any results. Once I tried your dog shampoo, his skin improved rapidly in a short time. I was impressed with the fragrance, the texture, the natural ingredients, and most of all, my happier dog with a beautiful coat. I'm referring your shampoo to my veterinary clients for their pets."

Dr. Cassidy D. Sedacca, MS, DVM, DACVIM

"[Keratin Fortifying shampoos] were introduced to us as a trial to see how we liked them and I liked them so much that they became our usual grooming shampoo that we bathe all of our clients' dogs in. What I like about it best is I have a large golden retriever...it's the only shampoo that I've ever used on him that he can be bathed and still retain a nice, pleasant odor a week later. His skin and hair coat, which was a little flaky before we starting using that, has improved. He's a beautiful dog, his skin and hair coat are silky and beautiful."

Dr. Robert Tate, DVM, Flagler Animal Hospital

"The best shampoo and conditioners we have used. The dogs look and feel great after their baths. Even our own hands stay soft and comfortable after washing numerous dogs. This is a much needed product that has been created especially for adult dogs and puppies after considerable testing and trials."

Martin Deeley IACP CDT, CDTA & PDTI, Executive Director, IACP

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