Why Petology

We care about the health of our pets

We care about the overall health of our pets. Along with a good nutritional diet, they also need healthy grooming! Petology® is second to none in convenience and ease-of use. Our shampoos feature a quick, high-foaming lather that is easy to rinse for faster grooming.

Human shampoos are too harsh for dogs, as we have different pH levels. To be gentile on their skin, dogs need a shampoo that is pH specific. Our line of products fulfill the pH needs of all types of dogs. It begins with the natural ingredients we use. 

Our ingredients:

  • Are Sulfate-free and all-natural
  • Provide deep hydration for 72 hours for less irritation and flakiness
  • Strengthen the skin
  • Soften the coat
  • Enhance shine and reduces greasiness
  • Moisturizes malnourished skin
  • Help stimulate cell growth
  • Make it easy to comb your pet... wet or dry
  • Feature long-lasting fragrances
Petology® formulas contain patented compounds that combine the best of science and nature to cleanse, repair and condition the coat and skin. The difference is undeniable. Don’t your dogs deserve the best? With Petology products, that is our promise!

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